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Westside 1-2-3

A new initiative here this fall and winter.  Think of Westside 1-2-3 as a thread of learning and community that weaves from October to May.

  • gain a better understanding of Christian faith, growth and community
  • make a few new connections as we serve dinner and host conversations
  • learn more about Westside: how we talk about faith, and what we aspire to be

Each evening begins with a catered supper at 6:30 sharp.  Teaching begins at 7:05 with questions and conversation following.  Our evenings finish promptly at 8:30.

You must register for the sessions.  There is no cost to the program (suggested contribution for the meal is $10).

Westside 1 — understand (October 5, 12, 19, 26)

Over 4 consecutive Wednesday nights, we talk about the story, significance, and meaning of Jesus.  This matters because Christian faith is not a generic catch-all spirituality.  Christian faith has a focus, a center: the life revealed and taught, formed and patterned, implemented and made real by the historical, yet living Jesus.  Expect these sessions to help you understand Jesus better: who He is, what He means, and what he calls us to.

Westside 2 — embrace (January 18, 25)

For 2 consecutive Wednesday nights, we rehearse some of the basic ways that Christians move from understanding into growth.  In other words, these two sessions will help you embrace your faith in personal and practical ways.  We want to talk about a spirituality that is holistic and transformative, challenging but possible.  Expect to come out of these two sessions with a game plan on how to grow.

Westside 3 — belong (April 26, May 3)

For 2 consecutive Wednesday nights, we talk about what it means to belong to a spiritual community, to find your place and move into service.  We will talk in general terms but also get specific about our unique community called Westside King’s Church.  These are practical talks, aimed at moving you towards an identifiable sense of belonging.

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