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Partnership Update: Asian Outreach


Westside has been partnered with Asian Outreach Cambodia for eight years, specifically supporting AOC’s Stars of Peace program, which provides Christ-centred preschool education for children in rural communities, and more recently sponsoring microfinance projects through local churches in hard-to-reach regions of Cambodia.

Partnerships change and relationships move on in different directions. We thank God when this happens not because of disagreement or conflict, but because both parties are seeking to honour the unique directions in which God is leading them. Often those directions diverge, and when they do, we seek to conclude formal relationships in a way that honours one another and that allows for sustainable continuation of the work.

As of 2017 Westside is formally graduating its partnership with Asian Outreach Cambodia. We plan to financially support one AOC staff member as a ‘Westside missionary’ – thus continuing to invest in the incredible work happening in Cambodia. Asian Outreach has played a significant role in the missional story of Westside King’s Church, and for that we thank them. They have shaped who we are as a community, and they continue to do essential Kingdom work with the deepest integrity and the most faith-filled vision.

If you have further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to be in touch with our Missions Director Adam Bedford: abedford@wkc.org