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Our Missionaries

An encounter with grace always alters the trajectory of our lives. For some, grace demands forfeiting familiarity and pursuing the call of Christ in a new land and lifestyle. We actively encourage and support those in our community who have recognized the call to leave home and serve overseas, and value the model that their stories extend to us as we seek to pursue the life of Christ both in our own neighbourhoods and across our world.

Lynn & Jayme Chotowetz

Lynn and Jayme have been serving full-time with Hands at Work in South Africa since 2008.

In January 2015 they moved back to Canada with a clear call to pursue child adoption. Now they are proud parents of Justin and Brayden and live in Saskatoon where Lynn continues to serve full-time as Chair of Hands at Work International Board, and Jayme works part-time with the Hands Communication Team.

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Morgan & Tommy Malster

Morgan and her husband Tommy have been serving with Hands at Work in Africa for over five years. They met serving together in South Africa, and were married in May 2013. Morgan leads the International Communications Team, and Tommy heads up Project and Financial Management for Zambia, Malawi and DR Congo. They live with the Hands at Work community in White River, South Africa.

Westside has been supporting the Malsters since 2015.

Keep up to date with Morgan and Tommy by following their blog

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Mato Molina

Mato is from El Salvador, and works full-time with our partner, YWAM Homes of Hope. He has an amazing testimony of how God rescued him from a life of gang violence, and has since given his life to minister to young people caught in the same cycle. Westside’s young adult community has taken on supporting Mato as one of our own missionaries.



Brian & Lisa Dalley

Brian and Lisa Dalley have been part of Westside Kings for 14 years. Brian first visited Hands at Work in Africa in 2005, and their journey began from there. They were asked to develop the Hands at Work International Office in Canada in 2008, through which many more churches and long-term volunteers have gotten involved in Africa. Brian took an early retirement in September 2014 so that as of December they were able to commit a year to serving and supporting the Hands at Work community on the ground in Zambia.

“We have both committed our hearts to the calling on our lives, to the work of supporting vulnerable children. We are so grateful for WKC to have started us on this path, and ask for your thoughts and prayers.”

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