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Mentored Discipleship



Would you like to grow in your Christian faith? Develop a greater intimacy with God? Learn and understand more about the Bible and Christian truth?

Would you like to help someone learn their Christian faith in a structured yet personal way as a mentor?

We offer a four-month program we are calling Mentored Discipleship. The purpose of the program is to help individuals grow in their personal walk with God, learn about Christian faith and practice, and engage with someone who is further along in their own spiritual journey.

This is a relational approach to discipleship. The key components are as follows:

  • a curriculum based journey through foundational aspects of the Christian faith, all in the context of supportive relationships
  • a twice-a-month meeting with an assigned mentor, either one-on-one or in a small group

The curriculum will consist of the following:

  • Come (invite into a deeper life) – Invitation to a Life with God by Following Jesus
  • Know (know the essence of Christian belief) – A Need to Know: The Sources and Heart of our Faith
  • Do (learn to live as a Christian) – A Need to Do: Practices that Form our Faith
  • Experience (experience the love and beauty of God) – A Focus on Jesus: A View of God as seen through the Lens of Jesus
  • Belong (find your place in the body of Christ) – The Journey We Take Together: Community and Connection


The mentoring and the material associated with it will reflect and be sensitive to the needs and the level of maturity of the participants.

Persons willing to mentor will be screened and trained and will also greatly benefit from this program.


How to Register:
If you are interested in being a participant or a mentor, please register below or email mentors@wkc.org. We will contact you with more information.

Mentored Discipleship Registration