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Breathe Worship Events

Worship is a way of participating in the life of God.  Worship sees something about God — his unconditional love for instance, or his immense greatness — and desires to know those aspects of him experientially.  Worship is “getting in” on God’s overflowing life, becoming immersed in his grace and peace, his joy and goodness.  Then, from this place of knowing God, we move back to our lives of activity with confidence.

We invite you to join us at our Breathe worship events.  Together, we want to catch our spiritual breath, fill our lungs with hope and praise, and find ourselves renewed in the presence of God.  We begin each night at 7 pm and conclude promptly at 8:30 pm.  Childcare is provided.

These are evenings to sing our hearts out to the Lord.

Dates: September 28, November 16, February 1

Kid’s Breathe
For the last few seasons, we have created special evenings designed for parents and kids to worship together.  This is a family event, with dinner to start and non-stop surprises for the entire 90 minutes.  Filled with music, dance, media, games and a chance for kids to understand what worship is.

date: October 25