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Finance Development

The mandate of the Finance Development Committee (FDC) is to review all financial aspects of the new building project to ensure that costs are appropriate and that sufficient sources of funding can be secured, so that WKC “lives within it’s means” in terms of any financial commitments made. In addition, the FDC is tasked with ensuring sufficient funding is secured to support WKC’s growing aspirations for our missions programs.

The FDC will research giving and financing opportunities from within the congregation and from outside sources to secure the necessary finances to support WKC’s vision for the new building project, including any potential debt loads that can be reasonably carried short term and longer term.

The FDC will develop financial models to evaluate the timing of cash requirements for the various phases of the new building project, and will assess and recommend prudent and conservative limitations on overall project costs for each phase. Recommendations will be made regarding different options and scenarios, in order to match cash outflows with cash inflows and ensure that WKC “lives within our means” at each stage of this journey.

For more information please contact the committee chairman Rob Dawson at rdawson@cdnoilsands.com.


Committee Members:

Rob Dawson – Chair

David Peterson

Matthew Peterson

Ron Abraham

Patrick Toth

Tom Simons

Dale Hodson

Robert Kulhawy

Glenn Rogers

Don Menzies

Vi Pickering