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Westside King’s Church is a registered charitable organization in Calgary Alberta Canada. All of our funding comes from donations. While we take an open offering every Sunday most of our funding comes through systematic giving.

Monthly Pre Authorized Debit

You may authorize monthly withdrawls from your bank account. Please complete it and return it to our office.

Contribution Enrolment Authorization Form

Debit or Credit Card Giving

Two kiosks are located at the Connection Counter where you can donate using your debit or credit card.  Donations are also accepted at the general office during regular office hours.

Donations of Securities (Stock or Other Instruments)

Individuals or corporations may qualify for favourable tax treatment by directly donating eligible securities.

Please see attached document containing the “Guidelines for Transferring Assets” and “Transfer Intent Form”.

Share Donations Sheet

For more information, please contact Lois Mah, Finance Manager at lmah@wkc.org, or by calling the church office at 403-777-0800


You can also use the PayPal link below where MasterCard, Visa or bank transfer are available.

Did you Know

That if you receive a receipt for your donations you can receive up to 50% back when you file your tax return? The charitable deduction is a non-refundable tax credit, so you have to owe tax to get a refund.  If you do owe tax, the deduction for an Alberta resident is as follows:

First $200 of donations          25% refunded
Everything above $200           50% refunded

If for some reason you can’t use the deduction this year, you can carry it forward 5 years. So, if you already gave $200 towards other charities, filling in an envelope will turn a $100 donation in the offering into $50 in your pocket.  Over the year, it’s amazing how the savings add up.

Charities provide services that the government couldn’t come close to providing or funding, so why not take advantage of their offer.

Westside King’s Church spending is confined to Board approved programs/projects.  Contributions designated to approved programs/projects will be used as directed with the understanding that once needs have been met, or for any reason cannot be completed as determined by the Board, remaining funds will be allocated where most needed.

Tax receipts are issued once a year by Westside king’s Church for all donations received. You should receive your donation receipt by Feb 28th of the year following the calendar year in which you made your donation.