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Design & Construction

The mandate of the Design & Construction Committee (DCC) is to guide the process in matters relating to the new building design, the site use, costing and construction.

The DCC is responsible for the architectural design, costing and construction to be in adherence with all WKC values and guiding principles.

The DCC works closely with all other WKC new building project committees’ chairs (the “Cabinet”) and WKC’s Senior Pastors and program leaders to ensure the new facility is aligned with our vision and optimized for current and future church programs and growth.

The committee will define an overall budget for its planned activities for Trustee approval, and will be responsible for managing all costs to ensure adherence to the budget.

For more information please contact the committee chairman Jim Gillies at jimmgillies1@gmail.com.


Committee Members:

Jim Gillies – Chair

Marv Thielmann

Mark George