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Men’s Groups

King’s Men is a group of men who get together to discuss men’s issues with other men. It’s not a business men’s group but a men’s night out. It is a safe place for men to share and listen to one another as they speak on current men’s issues. It is not unusual that passions are expressed. What’s said at Men’s stays at Men’s. Confidentiality is of utmost importance.

We meet at 6:45 on the second Tuesday of each month. It’s hosted and chaired in the home of various men from the group.

Each evening begins with food, drink and a time to meet new men or catch up with one another.

Before the discussion begins we have new introductions and an opportunity to welcome in new attendees. We have a fun way to initiate new men to the group. You should come and see what it is all about.

We then start the discussion portion led by the chairperson. Everyone is free to contribute, or not, as he chooses. The topic changes with each meeting and can change within each meeting in response to the needs of the men at the time. We always want to respond to the needs each evening.

Most of us live an average life and often we feel there is nothing special about it. We believe quite the opposite. Each life was specially created, with great purpose and value. We believe that each one of us has experiences which are of great value to other men. Please consider sharing your heart, experience and wisdom with us. Tell us what you learned for it is important to all of us men.

We look forward to spending an evening with you and sharing life’s journey together. As usual, we believe we will have excellent thought provoking discussions.

See you there.

King’s Men strives to;

  • Provide the opportunity for men to share life with one another and to help each other live life to the fullest.
  • Allow men of similar passions and interests to meet together. If they choose, they can also meet at other times to mutually enjoy those similar passions or goals.
  • Help men serve their family, their church, their community and to grow in their daily walk with Jesus

Here are a few comments from our men reflecting on our meetings;

  • A safe fun place to share men’s issues
  • Hear a variety of viewpoints on any given topic
  • Enjoyable visiting with men who are experiencing life together
  • Open and sharing acceptance from the heart
  • Common ground in which men can further their Christian journey
  • Good to get out with the boys
  • Our focus is not on our work or what we do 

For more details contact the office at 403.777.0800 or Gerry Belyk at kingsmen@wkc.org, 403.669.2297