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The Christian journey is not a do-it-yourself project.  This is a cooperative venture, and Christian community is the web of supportive relationships which makes the journey possible.  What begins through a living relationship with Christ, continues through the living and breathing connectivity of spiritual friendship and spiritual community.

We want to provide a way of thinking about connection that functions naturally and organically.  While we all need to connect, we do so in ways that are uniquely meaningful to us. There are a host of ways people connect at Westside, and it will take some initiative on your part.  Connection may happen through a program or event, through serving or volunteering, or simply because you are willing to strike up a conversation with someone new.

New and Newer

New to Westside?  Or perhaps you have been around awhile but want to let us know who you are?  We would love to meet you, share our vision for this unique community, and answer any of your questions.  Watch for New and Newer events as they are announced through the year.

Community Dinner
Every year we host a one-off community dinner where we celebrate Westside, its people and ministry.  Look for this year’s dinner at the end of February.

Westside 1-2-3

Westside 1-2-3 is our ramp into Christian faith, growth, and community belonging.  See the link above for more details.

4 over 5

Want to introduce yourself, but don’t know how? 4 over 5 means four gatherings over 5 weeks. The commitment is light but the results can be significant. Visit our webpage for details, dates, and to register.

Westside Small Group Network

The Small Group Network is a simple mechanism designed to support the formation of new small groups.  Have an idea?  Contact us, we’d love to chat with you.

Adoption / Foster Care Network

Our Adoption and Foster Care Ministry offers a supportive network for families caring for adoptive or foster kids.


A monthly men’s gathering, listening and sharing in a safe place, held every second Tuesday of the month in various locations. Visit our webpage to get on our mailing list.