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Capital Campaign

The mandate of the Capital Campaign Committee (CCC) is to develop the fund raising strategies, tactics and actions required for the upcoming capital campaign, as well as other related activities such as the Hearing Your Voice initiative.

The CCC will also identify what materials and resources are required from other committees such as the Marketing & Communications and the Design & Construction Committees in support of any capital campaign initiatives (e.g. brochures, website support, site plans, building plans and coloured building elevations).

Finally, the CCC will determine an overall budget for its planned activities for Trustee approval and will be responsible for managing all costs to ensure adherence to the approved budget.

For more information please contact the committee chairman Cameron Wallace at cameronw@thecatalystgroup.ca.


Committee Members:

Cameron Wallace – Chair

Janice Quinn – Co-Chair

Carl Heikel

Colin Jackson

Kate Koei

Alan Kurtz

David Peterson

Matthew Peterson

Jana Rust

Ayodele Sanwoolu

Joshua Wallace

Chris Wellwood

Sylvia Wetherup

Michael Wetherup

Neil Wilken

Hank Schurink

Rosalee Gordon