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About WKC

Westside King’s Church:

Making the message of Jesus unignorable

3939 69th St SW
Calgary AB T3H 3Y1

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P 403.777.0800
F 403.686.7905
E info@wkc.org
Emergencies: 403.671-9695

For information about our daughter community unedited spirituality email unedited@wkc.org

Getting to Know Us

The westside story began with 12 people in the mid 90’s who started searching for something different. Discontent with the illusions of life and religious rhetoric —  we committed to look beneath the surface to try and face into the questions that are not always answered.

For us, diving into the challenge of bringing meaning and significance to the messiness of our lives is non-optional. Westside is a safe place to face who you are, question without penalty, confront the paradoxes of Christianity and digest what is exposed about yourself and God.

Our Logo

crownThe upside down crown is how we have chosen to represent the mystery of Jesus. A king who comes not simply to replace those who have come before but to completely reinvent our imagination of what the world can be.

We are seeking to connect ourselves to what Jesus began 2000 years ago; God’s imagination at play in the world, completely turning our perception of reality upside down, nothing less than the kingdom of God.

The negative space between the tangs of the crown form the silhouettes of people and represent for us the essential relational nature of the God’s world represented both in the classic doctrine of the trinity and the contemporary image of the church.